Max Polyakov and His Friends from Firefly Team Became the Best Fire Performers in Poland

Макс Поляков спас домашнего питомца по имени Мурка

The life of Max Polaykov and his three friends changed a lot after they realized their passion for fire shows. The young men took a risk, joined the circus and became famous performers.

Max Polyakov recalled his passion for fire performances when he went to the circus show with his friends. He was impressed by the dance of the Indian girl who performed that night. His friends had the same feelings and together they decided to immerse deeper into the world of art and performances.

The Show that Changed the Life of Three Young Men

It was the best show Max Polyakov and his three friends, Mikael, Adrien, and Ricardo ever seen. Ricardo was especially interested in the show as he was going to become a fire performer and looked for a master to learn from him.

During the next act of the show, the viewers were amazed by the tigers that obeyed the trainer and jumped over the ropes. At the end of the show, a strong man known as Valencio impressed the audience with his amazing fire show. After that, Max Polyakov knew that he wanted to be like Valencio.

Max Polyakov’s Hidden Love for Fire Performances

Max Polyakov pleased his parents with good academic results. After getting his first degree, he had to choose the topic for his master’s programs. His mother was surprised when Max decided to study theatre arts. He visited a lot of performances in his city and met his three friends. Although they friendly joked about Ricardo’s intention to become a fire master, Max Polyakov knew he wanted the same thing since he first saw a fire show.

Three Friends Meet Valencio

After the performance, Max Polyakov and his mesmerized friends went backstage to see Valencio. They told him that he inspired them to study fire art but Valencio was a bit skeptical. However, he told that the circus leaves soon and if they want to learn they have to join the troupe for at least six months.

The Birth of the Firefly Quartet

Max Polyakov and his friends joined the circus and were trained hard by the master Valencio. In four month, guys started to assist the master during the shows. As they reminded fireflies, their quartet was named after them. Thanks to hard work, their debut was flawless. The audience was impressed and the team earned a lot of money for the circus.

Max Polyakov’s Firefly Become Famous

In six month, Max Polyakov and his friends left the circus. They started they own show and were invited to different parts of Poland. The show was stunning and they quickly became popular and richer. Then Firefly started to tour Europe, Asia, some parts of America, and Turkey.

The guys from Firefly claim that the secret of success is in hard work, passion, and teamwork. That is what helped them to become who they are!

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