Max Polyakov and His Pals on Becoming the Outstanding Fire Performers

Polyakov and his pals’ achievements

Being passionate about fire

Max Polyakov and His Pals on Becoming the Outstanding Fire Performers

When he was still young, Max Polyakov got invited by his pals to an event. During that event, they watched how people breathed fire through their mouths and that intrigued him so much. From that day, he made sure he went to every event that was similar to it.

Max Polyakov made the desire for attending shows a part-time hobby to allow him focus on his studies. He did so well in school and he even received a scholarship to study at a certain institution within Krakow. While in school, his passion for art got awakened and he started attending various shows again.

Meeting friends who had a similar dream

Max Polyakov decided to do his Masters in Poland; this was his birthplace. He decided to learn many types of Art and he even attended so many Art shows.

At one of the events, Max Polyakov found 3 new friends. All the four were interested in fire shows and they started attending shows together.

In one of the events that they attended, they went somewhere where they watched great fire performance. That show made them wish to perform as well.


Max Polyakov and his pals chose to visit the head of the fire performances. They wanted him to show them how to perform and he agreed to do so for a period of 6 months.

So, Polyakov and his friends travelled with the trainer who used to hold shows at places which were remote. One month before they completed their training, Polyakov and his pals formed their performance group which they named Firefly. So, Firefly team began having its own performances at shows.

Many people attended shows simply to watch Firefly’s performance and the four pals became popular. People of all ages admired them and they didn’t mind paying high amounts of money to watch their performances.

After performing for 6 months, Max Polyakov and his pals branched off. They did so to expand the Firefly brand. When they finally went back to Warsaw, they were regarded as celebrities. So, they received so many bookings; they could perform at all kinds of events.


Max Polyakov and his friends are now well-known not only in Poland but in various other places around Europe. The four were happy that they followed their passion and never gave up no matter how hard things seemed. Read other similar inspiring stories at

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